Walking on Corsica is the best way to explore the true Corsica. Wonder at the fortified granite houses and shepherds’ dry-stone shelters, bathe in the pure water pools that have formed in the rocks from waterfalls, and enjoy the magnificent landscapes in the forests where you will perhaps come across one of the island’s semi-wild pigs or catch a glimpse of the bearded vulture or the moufflon.

 Everywhere you go the many hiking trails take you right to the heart of the real Corsica. The most well known long-distance trail is the GR 20 (longdistance hiking route) that takes you across the upper mountains, from Calenzana (in the Calvi region) to Conca (in the Porto- Vecchio region). This difficult path is one of the most beautiful in the world.

The GR20, a path of legend, also known as the most difficult hiking route, takes you from Calenzana to Conca over 15 days. This high mountain route is tough and should only be attempted by seasoned hikers. It is a total of 200 km in length and the route takes you through heights that vary more than 10 000 metres. The route takes hikers close to the four most beautiful summits of Corsica, along mountain lakes with their crystal clear waters and through deep forests, with commanding panoramic views to enjoy along the way.

 most beautiful in the world. For easier routes, take the “Mare e Monti Nord” between Cargèse and Calenzala, and the “Mare e Monti Sud”, from Porticcio to Propriano. Lastly, three long-distance routes link the two coasts, one of which, the “Mare a Mare Sud”, is passable all year round. All along the route you will find a shepherd or villager who will show you a spring where you can stop to drink, and even the route of the old Genoese bridge. Accessible to all, country tracks will take you to the Alta-Rocca, close to the fabulous Bavella peaks.

In the Bozio area your walk will take you to explore ancient Roman chapels decorated with frescos. The Niolo area is a paradise for mountain climbers and offers easy looped walks that will take you deep into the breathtaking pine forests. If you prefer mountain biking, you will also not be disappointed. Sporting circuits and loops that are perfect for family outings, with hundreds of forest paths, walking routes and short routes are open all year. Lastly if you like horse riding, you will enjoy Corsica. Almost 2000 km of tracks are open to riders and will take you to areas and villages that cannot be reached by road.

Source (Agence du Tourisme)


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